The most creative, talented and motivated people, each of whom has extensive experience around the world have united under the name Art Company “A6”
More than 20 years of successful experience on projects realization.
Business area:

    shows and performances around the world;

    event projects;

    festivals and concerts;

    political forums;

    sport events at stadiums and city squares;

    recruiting and training of talented performers, dancers and actors;

    own production (sewing costumes and props for any show);

    dance studio and show-ballet

Our representatives operate in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Europe and Asia. The best directors and producers, choreographers and screenwriters are part of our international team!

Art Company «A6» in the world:

Directions of activity:

Ballet «А6» was founded in 1994. Permanent members of the grand events and concerts that take place not only in our country, but also far beyond.
The team is in constant development and professional growth, expanding the stylistic directorial aspects of implementation, improving skills, pleasing its creative energy as the basis. A lot of joint projects are implemented with popular singers and groups.
The main idea of Ballet A6 is creating a show with no frames and stamps.

Dance Studio «А6» was established on the basis of the ballet, which includes a children, amateur and professional studio. Our dance studio can hit any heart with bright and colorful performances.
Children from 6 years are winners of numerous competitions and festivals, a large number of professional achievements and funny costumes artfully complement the beauty of movement.

Art Company A6 offers services of exclusive costumes and stage props making: from Venetian masks to creative authors accessories.
Our designers develop an unique design and sewing of costumes: for all types of dance, gymnastics, theater and stage character, folk costumes, costumes for promotions, exhibitions etc.
Exclusively for each client we create a bright stage image and style that emphasizes individuality, character and dignity!

For years, our company helps European partners in a search of colorful individuals to work abroad. We will not dwell on this! We understand that sometimes you need a hint \ a test of professionalism, so we are ready to share their experiences in selecting the best candidates for you.
Casting takes place in several directions:

    Dance (classical, modern, ballroom)

    Vocal (academic and pop)

    The original performance (theater, circus)

Our partners:

Sacharow Entertainment

Color Line (Norway)

Tallink (Estonia)

Genting (Malaysia)

Costa (Italy)

Selection (Italy)


Star Cruises Line (Malaysia)

Belinda King (United Kingdom)

Production Studio «А6» – an innovative approach to each project, the implementation of any creative tasks!
The results of creative activity Production Studio «А6»:

    “Crazy” – Variety show of shock, the synthesis of humor, dance and circus arts

    “Wanna Fresh” – program written in a retro style, based on the soundtracks to the popular film “Dandies”

    “Anagramma” – show is based on the true story of one artist who created the masterpieces

    “Balloon” – show, based on magic, the exclusive circus and street dance

    “Voom” – synthesis of dance, circus and comedy with the world’s best circus artists

    “Perfect body” – have you seen the dance of hands, back, hair … dance of the whole body?

    “Empress” – We invite you to visit our royal ball and become a member

    “Broadway” – this show was created by the events in the life of Bob Fosse

    “Casino Royale” – can be regarded as a show-program of the European quality and standards

    “The last tango” – elegant tango show, performed in a romantic atmosphere

    “Carmen” – new modern interpretation of the opera “Carmen“

    “Around the world” – this show consist of colorful carnival dances of different nations

A6-idea – creative collaboration of the best directors, screenwriters and artists who CREATE EVENTS, and not just realize the task.
A6-idea – unites the best of the best, without extra modesty, CREATORS who managed to conquer their work not only Ukraine, but also foreign countries (Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Greece, China ….)