Art Company A6 offers services of exclusive costumes and stage props making: from Venetian masks to creative authors accessories.

Our designers develop an unique design and sewing of costumes: for all types of dance, gymnastics, theater and stage character, folk costumes, costumes for promotions, exhibitions etc.

Exclusively for each client we create a bright stage image and style that emphasizes individuality, character and dignity.

Look at examples of Venice Carnival costumes for various creative directions.




See examples of Hollywood costumes.

Elvis Presley (rock-n-roll):

Madonna (pop star):

LED, mirror:

Rihanna (RnB star):

Michael Jackson (pop star):



Eminem (RnB star, rap):

Eminem (rap, RnB):

PSY (Bright Artist Style):

Fountain, fabric:

David Copperfield (hatter, illusionist):

Freddie Mercury (rock star):

Jackie Chan (martial arts clothing):

Examples of general style costumes: